Buying Used Warehouse Equipment is Safe and Cost Effective

Material handling and storage is the most important activity of any warehouse management. The activity involves lot of capital investment on warehousing equipment. However financial constraints do not permit many companies to block huge amount on warehouse equipment. Used warehouse equipment such as used pallet racks, used conveyors, used forklifts and other equipment provide cost effective and safe enough alternative in place of new equipment.

When buying used warehouse equipment, you must make sure what category of equipment you need for handling your product and material.

Roller conveyors, forklifts, flat belt, cranes etc. are used for shifting material from one point to another.

Equipment like pallet racks, pushback racks, storage racking are used for storing, holding or stocking material for some set period of time.

What you must be careful about while buying used warehouse equipment is to assign the job of assessing equipment condition to an expert familiar with various parts and problems of different equipment.

Used pallet racks will provide you savings of 30 to 40% apart from providing safety and benefits of storage racking. Used pallet racks are usually on par in quality and performance with new systems. A wide variety of pallets can be bought at significant discount.

Used pallet racks serve as organizational and storage points for companies that anticipate growth and expansion. They increase storage density within safety norms.

Storage racking is widely used in industry for holding a massive range of components.

Problem of lack of space, which can badly affect business in meeting market’s requirement of volume due to inadequate stocks, can be easily addressed by creating additional space in the same available area with storage racking.

Storage racking plays an important role in stock control and provides easy access to goods. Many companies could gain 40% or more space and increase quantity of products they could store in their warehouses.

Storage racking system includes double-deep racking, cantilever storage racking, modular shelving system and drive-in-drive-through pallet storage racking.

Conveyor is equally useful equipment for moving material from one place to another with minimum deployment of man power. Used conveyors, being most cost effective, are highly preferred material handling equipment in packaging, food processing, bottling, chemical and automotive industry. Chain driven conveyors, high speed conveyors, roller conveyors are some of the widely used conveyors in the factories and warehouses.

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