How to Find a Job in Today’s Competitive Marketplace

Listed below our are some of our top tips to help you find a job. We’ve found that many people spend hours on the internet looking for work, but don’t really use any of the techniques below. We’re not making any guarantees here, but we strongly believe that these techniques will help you to secure an interview.

1) CV is key – before you begin your quest for a new job, you must make sure that your CV is up to date. It may be time consuming, but failure to do so, makes you look sloppy and disorganised. Make sure your CV does not contain spelling mistakes, is clearly laid out and is no more than 2 pages.

2) Postal Service (aka snail mail, post) – this is how people used to find jobs, simply by writing letters (NOT emails!) to companies they are interested in working in. There’s a small investment in stamps and printing, but this technique can still work. The best way of doing this is as follows:

i) Find some companies you are interested in (we recommend at least 25)

ii) Call up and get the name of the HR Manager. If asked why, state that it’s to send your resume as you’re interested in working for the company

iii) Send a covering letter stating why you’re interested in working for the company address to the HR Manager (hopefully by name)

iv) Wait for follow up letters/calls

Most companies that are reputable will at least acknowledge your response.Â

3) Network – phone and email your friends,family and ex-colleagues and explain your situation. You never know who might have a position or know of someone who has a suitable position for you. Don’t drive people made, but generally there’s no harm in asking.

4) Newspaper – local papers are still used by many companies to advertise positions, so make sure you buy the paper and keep an eye on positions.Most local papers will have a weekly special edition for jobs.

5) Recruitment Agencies – when using a recruitment agency (or when applying for jobs online) Always phones first, don’t email. It’s easy to send an email and soon be forgotten about. The best way of dealing with recruiters is to hassle them (in a nice way of course.) Call up, get a name and phone that person on a regular basis just to see what positions they have. After a while your name will be the first person they think of if a suitable job comes up.

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